Sergio Cammariere on August 9th at the Arena of the Strait in Reggio Calabria

Coming soon to the Arena of the Strait on August 9th, will be Sergio Cammariere with his band to close out the first part of “Reggio chama Rio – Fatti di Musica Brasil” and the international section of “Fatti di Musica” created by Ruggero Pegna and realized in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Reggio Calabria and its cultural event “Alziamo il Sipario.” (raise the curtain). The concert will start at 9:45pm and will be free to all.

In anticipation of the event, the musician, composer and singer-songwriter of Crotone, speaks with us about his concert commissioned by Pegna in the original festival he devised and directed.

After the Drums by Luca Scorziello guest Mario Venuti and Tony Canto, the journey from the Mediterranean to Brazil by Patrizia Giancotti with the percussionist Peppe Consolmagno, the energy of Maria Gadu, the chorus of Hamilton de Holanda, the homage to Jobim by Jaques Paula Morelenbaum with the Cellosamba Trio, also Cammariere at “Reggio calls Rio,” What suggestions bind her to Brazil and Brazilian music?

“I would say countless … In the 1980s I was lucky to play in Rio de Janeiro, meeting great musicians such as Carlor Lyra and Leny Andrade and unknowingly acquiring the colors, sounds and harmony of the bossa nova. Brazilian music, from Villa Lobos to Pixiguinha, from Noel Rosa to Tom Jobim, always tells the beauty and has greatly influenced my music world. During those years I visited often a place in Trastevere, the “Manuia”, where only live Brazilian music was heard, so I met artists born in Brazil, residing in Rome, like Irio de Paula and Jim Porto, who taught me songs that I did not know, the music of Djavan, Ivan Lins and Hermeto Paxoal. In the 90s with my great friend Sergio Bardotti, he started a great collaboration that I will never forget. Sergio had translated the lyrics of Vinicius De Moraes into Italian, invented wonderful records, such as the encounter between Vinicius, Toquinho, Ungaretti and Endrigo: “ Amico, la vita è l’arte dell’incontro.” (Friend, life is the art of the encounter). I remember that during a carious vacation she met Master Chico Buarque De Hollanda, to whom he listened to my earlier pieces and with astonishment, after a few weeks, a postcard arrived from Rio, with a picture of Corcovado and the Redentor. In the back, a sentence written by Chico Buarque: Pra seguir viagem quando a noite vem (continue to travel when night comes) encouragement for my artistic future. When it came to success with Sanremo in 2003, I had the opportunity to engage with Brazilian musicians, including Arthur Maia, Alfredo Paixao, Jorginho Gomez, Roberto Taufic and then in 2008, I had the honor to share the stage of Ariston with the immense Gal Costa.”

What do you think of an international festival of very high artistic merit in your Calabria?

“The idea of a Brazilian Popular Music Festival in Reggio makes proud of Calabrians, because in life, to be a musician and achieve success, I had to sacrifice my land, my loved ones, and for us who live for nearly forty years away from our native land often pervades a common feeling by the Brazilians known as: saudade (a longing).”

Reggio calls Rio, what can one say about this land to intrigue someone or promote it?

“Reggio, one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia and the Arco Etneo which has maintained the charm of the Strait for thousands of years;  it is the Mediterranean door with a beautiful panorama, good food, simple people…”

You will sing and play on a stage on the sea with Sicily as a backdrop. What will the concert be like?

“I will go back through the most significant stages of my career, I will sing live together with a very cohesive band, with whom I have been playing for twenty years, singing the most famous songs, the songs of Sanremo, and especially the pieces with the Latin soul.”

Are you working on new things?

“Yes, before the end of the year will be released a new instrumental album, only piano, produced by the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The project still does not have a title, but at least 16 songs, compositions that have already found themselves into the works of early filmmakers, as in the documentary Portrait of my father, Maria Sole Tognazzi. Much of this music will be part of Cosimo Damato’s documentary, Prima che il Gallo Canti, a docufilm dedicated to Don Gallo’s figure, coming out in the fall on Sky.”

After the concert by Sergio Cammariere, “Reggio calls Rio” will resume on November 5th at Teatro Cilea with Gilberto Gil’s unique concert in Italy with Cortejo Afro and the section of the Bahia Opera, closing on November 28th with the concert Of Yamandu Costa.

Fatti di Musica Radio Juke Box” the thirty-first edition of the Festival del Miglior Live organized and directed by Ruggero Pegna, will continue with the “Ferragosto Live Festival” at Teatro dei Ruderi di Diamante, in the spectacular archaeological area of Cirella, with four expected Concerts: August 13th Alex Britti, August 16th Cristiano De Andrè with De Andrè sings De Andrè, August 18th Massimo Ranieri with his orchestra, August 19th, Daniele Silvestri.

The tickets to attend the four Diamante events are on sale at regular places, Ticketone, Go2, Diy Ticket (Sisal) and online at the respective official sites of these ticketing circuits (in Diamante: Suoni e Ultrasuoni on the waterfront and the newstand Edicola di Rossella a Cirella; Scalea: Candy Sweet Jewellery, via Michele Bianchi n. 55; Belvedere: Bar Dalù, via Fortunato n. 70; ecc.).

For further information, please call 0968441888,, besides the official websites of the individual artists and the facebook page of “Fatti di Music.”

The “Ferragosto Live Festival” section is realized in collaboration with Otr Live and GF Entertainment, the Patronage of the Councils for Culture, Entertainment and Tourism of the City of Diamante and is in competition for major events of the Culture and Tourism in the Calabria Region within the rich program of “Music Facts Radio Juke Box 2017.”