Stipulated conventions for “Adopt a Trail” in Sila National Park

yescalabria_percosila_01The Park Authority and the trail curators have stipulated to the conventions for “Adopt a Trail” of the Sila National Park.  At the offices of the silane Authority the 21 conventions were signed 21 as well as another 6 conventions that will soon be initialed, for a total of 40 adopted trails. With the extension of the deadline for submission of requests, which concluded on October 11th last year, 7 trails were assigned to businesses and private citizens  in the three provinces of the Park: Alta Valle del Fiume Tacina, Casa Pasquale Ring, Di Pino Grande, Villaggio Buturo – Torre of Marchesa, Di Macchia Longa, Villaggio Pino Grande – Serra Toppale – Mezzocampo and Di Fiumiciellu.

The Sila National Park, the second in Italy to implement a similar project, wanted to establish a partnership with all the stakeholders of the territory for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the signs of the extensive network of rails within the Park, stretching for more than 600 km and a total of 66 trails, of which 51 are secondary and 6 are part of the Sentiero Italia.

Upstream from the initiative is the recognition of the need to maintain efficient paths and at the same time strengthen the links between the Park and the surrounding areas,which, among other things include the alteration or damage to the signage  (with the elimination, for example of arrows, locations tables and even at times indications of the beginning of path), that end up putting at risk the safety of the hikers.

As stated by the Director “we have started a new phase, that of maintenance, already planned for some time, which will conclude a long and laborious project of the reorganization of the trails that the Park Authority started in 2009.”

The Special Commissioner of the Sila National Park, Professor Sonia Ferrari, said she was “happy that individuals, businesses and associations continue to strive to make the area cleaner and safer and I sincerely thank you.”

After the signing of the agreement, the custodians followed the training course in the classroom of the Park Authority held by the staff of the Park, engineer Domenico Cerminara and surveyor, Mauro Iuele Procellini and with the collaboration of the Italian Alpine Club –  Cosenza branch; President, Mario Mele, the coordinator of the group of trails, Giuliano Belcastro and member Marco Noci

A training day on trail maintenance, the current signage and modes of communication of the special features found along the trails. The day ended with the practical exercise and exam taking.

Today, the Sila National Park and its custodians begin a new path for the development, promotion, protection and preservation of the network of trails and make accessible and useful the paths within the Park with their extraordinary naturalistic, scenic and environmental resources.