Swing music with “The Hoppers”

04d2cf7a-2d53-4ba9-a622-25f2d9de577eThe genre of elegant music, refined and energetic at the same time, fits perfectly with the style and look of this incredibly talented group.

Summertime, The Hoppers time at Le Colline del Jazz; the music festival under the stars in Rossano, in the gardens of the Manor, Masseria Mazzei, has become a must.  It’s all set to go on August 14th at 9:.00 pm, which will kick off with swing music by “The Hoppers,” the quintet formed by Corrado Mendicino on vocals and piano; Rodolfo Capoderosa, vocals and guitar; Alessio Iorio, vocals and bass; Marco Sangermano, vocals and drums; Davide Paternosto on tenor sax, like a time machine that will transport the audience on a compelling musical journey through a wide repertoire, ranging from intimate jazz atmosphere to the more rhythmic swing.

Playing together just under three years, they managed to fit comfortably into any musical context, in many different ways, offering a show of passionate rhythms that invites pure fun  with a wagon full of famous songs, ranging from the 30s to the 50s, made famous by the great performers such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis jr. with many more surprises not to be missed.

Even with this fourth evening ““Le Colline del Jazz” it is proposed the ambitious goal of creating a multifaceted event that combines music, art, history and local culture, blending together the musical scale with dishes containing local, organic products and the tasting of traditional fine wines. “In these evenings – explains the Mazzei family, organizers and promoter of the event – we celebrate the encounter with a different generation which remembers how jazz remains a discipline, handed down through direct experience, listening and exchange, intellectual music, spiritual and romantic whose purpose is to reach the heart and make you think” Sit back and enjoy the show!

Info and reservations:  info@masseriamazzei.it  335.5366452 339.6090941