Ass.I.Term conference: Terminology and knowledge organization in preserving digital memories

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From April 14th to the 16th at the University Club of the University of Reggio Calabria, the Documentation Laboratory is preparing to host experienced researchers and some of the most authoritative voices in the field of Terminology Research and management of industry knowledge as to the preservation of digital memory.

To discuss and debate this and much more in a scientific setting will be Unical scholars from all over Italy, France, Brazil and the United States for the XXVI International Conference of the Italian Association of Terminology (Ass.I.Term), organized in collaboration with Italian ISKO (International Society for knowledge organization), entitled  “Terminology and knowledge organization in preserving digital memories.”

Three days of work dedicated to scientific discussion and the annual assembly of the Ass.I.Term. The contemporaneity of the two meetings was intended to encourage discussion and the exchange of mutual information between researchers of different institutions and different countries. The first two days of the conference will open with a report on the invitation followed by contributions on the two main themes of the conference: “digital terminology” and “terminological change” It will be an opportunity to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Laboratory of Documentation.

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Information on the conference can also be found here: Università della Calabria