Il TERRE DI COSENZA wine tasting event

Ferrocinto-incontra-locandine-TDCA bottle of wine can provide an intense experience, not only for the palate. In one chalice there are the flavors and aromas of a region, but also the history of those who produce wine daily, rooting their efforts in culture and traditions that have ancient ties.

In Cosenza this story intersects with the commitment of the Consorzio Terre di Cosenza Dop and with the rediscovery of Magliocco, one of varietals of Calabria identity, which represents this areas best expression. After the recent success of Vinitaly, a group of companies decided to take the path of wine production promotion in the region through events to introduce wine enthusiasts to local wines.

In this spirit, Thursday, June 30th starting at 7:30 pm will be the first collective public appearance of Terre di Cosenza after the successes of the Vinitaly 2016.  There will be 14 agencies that will greet wine-lovers and enthusiasts. The event offers an opportunity to learn about wine-making and fermenting process that in recent years the cosentino area is experiencing related to the sweet Magliocco of Terre di Cosenza. A unique and evocative glimpse into the different expressions of a large area to be discovered.

Among the agencies attending will be Terre del Gufo, Cantine Cundari, Spadafora Wines 1915 e Tenute Paese to represent the wine of Donnici, Cantine Viola, Ferrocinto, Feudo dei Sanseverino, Giuseppe Calabrese, Tenuta Celimarro for Pollino, Serracavallo, Chimento, Giraldi & Giraldi, La Peschiera of the Valle del Crati and Colacino Wines for Savuto Classic.

Together with wine there will be areas with dishes and finger foods from the kitchen of Wine Bar Ferrocinto who hosts the event.

Address: Rende on Via Alfieri at Ferrocinto Vino in Tavola.

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For reservations 329.7475443