“Tracciolino”: between the land, the sky and the sea

The Tracciolino is a route that keeps wayfarers metaphorically suspended between the land, the sky and the sea. We find ourselves in Palmi, in the province of Reggio Calabria; yet, walking from the city centre towards the mule track which cuts through the northern section of Mount Saint Elia, we are increasingly drawn into a magic dimension.

Our eyes will then embrace an exceptional landscape, spanning from Capo Vaticano to the Costa Viola; at each step, the bays which lie at the feet of the mountain can be admired: lovely beaches interspersed with the rocks of the coastline, and a sea which seems to be incredibly near, despite 400 metres of height. Right  from this height it is possible to admire places that would otherwise only be visible from the sea.

Suffice it to raise the eyes, and one is stunned by yet another spectacular scenery: the outline of the Aeolian Islands, and that of the Stromboli, whose fascination is even deeper when the volcano is “smoking”. Here, the view of the Strait of Messina becomes more evocative as its typicality is enhanced by the quaintness of the surroundings. Yet, the Tracciolino is not really a lookout point, but rather a path that keeps narrowing and narrowing until only one person at the time can walk along it. Also for this reason, this location is particularly dear to fans of trekking, not only from Italy and Calabria, but also from many other European countries.

For a long time, terraced wine cultivation was practiced in this steep territory, and it is still practiced in many segments of the coast of Bagnara Calabra, only a few kilometres away from the Tracciolino. A project called “Dorsale Verde” has been recently initiated, aimed at creating a new itinerary by connecting the towns of Palma, Seminara and Bagnara.

The present itinerary of the Tracciolino climbs upon the Saint Elia, following its course towards Piani della Corona, which belongs to the town of Barritteri.