Biersommelier from Trebisacce represents southern Italy at championships in Rimini

yescalabria_biersommelier_01-minWe are used to hearing about sommeliers, connoisseurs who know how to couple and describe the scents of the beverage of Bacchus, symbol of strength and life. Today, this profession joins with another, born from another passion, all natural, made from water, barley malt, hops and yeast. We’re talking about craft beer, once considered quite common, which in short time has entered into the top kitchens, accompanying dishes from top chefs.

Passionate about the brewing world, Alessandro Rescia, owner of American Beer House, a local historic pub in Trebisacce, today is one of the few recognized Biersommelier in southern Italy.  After attending the l’Università della Birra, thanks to the knowledge of Franco Re, the popular Dean of the Institute of Azzate, Rescia decided to undertake a journey even more important by applying to the historic and prestigious Domens Academy di Monaco di Bavaria, the only international body to officially award the certificate of “Biersommelier” acknowledged from Germany to the United States.

The two-week course is very challenging and requires a final exam judged by an international jury, consisting of several exams aimed at “testing” theoretical knowledge and the organoleptic and sensory ability of each candidate. Among the tests Rescia was subjected to was the realization of a single dish made of beer and an entire menu with an explanation of the organoleptic characteristics of each individual coupling chosen and the identification of taste components of a variety of beers. Only after having successfully passed every test, you get the coveted certificate that allows participation in the world championship. Rescia was able to represent Calabria in the first international championship of Biersommelier, which was held in Rimini on February 19th, during the exhibition “Beer Attraction,” an international event dedicated to Artisan Beer.yescalabria_biersommelier_02-min

Although he failed to win with his fifteenth place finish, Rescia brought visibility not only to Calabria brewing but, along with Gilberto Accaiao of Pompei, also to any southern Italians who wish to succeed in this industry.

Meanwhile, the biersommelier of Trebisacce is back to studying for the next Italian Championship in 2019, while continuing to fuel his passion for beer in our territory, with over 200 labels of beers in bottles and on tap in rotation at his pub, served with care and professionalism, all divided by type and nationality and used in various dishes and combinations. Yes, because the pub of Resta has an American name that is the legacy of the historic pub opened in Trebisacce in 1989 by an Italian-American family with the intent to promote good American food.  In the name of good beer, only sandwiches and gourmet pizzas are served using only select quality local products.

We’ll leave you with a thought: the sooner you go to Trebisacce, the sooner you can taste the personal beer Rescia. We can’t wait