An intense tour for the Ferrari Club of Reggio Calabria

yescalabria_ferrariclubThe goal was definitely not to lower the quality and quantity of the activities after the first extraordinary year and a half in which the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Reggio Calabria had gained global prominence by winning three official international awards, as no other Ferrari club in the world.  Veterans of the award received just a month ago on the track in Lonato (BS) from Sebastian Vettel himself, for the most beautiful banner of F1, the Ferrari Club of Reggio Calabria has lived an intense three days rich with extraordinary events and personalities.

On the eve of Saturday’s Factory Tour on November 12th, in which 50 members visited the Ferrari factory in Maranello, a representative of the association of Reggio met with the legendary engineer Mauro Forghieri, the 25 year technical director of the Prancing Horse and a personal friend of the honorary President of the SFC RC, veteran, Lillo Cavallo.  An encounter rich with anecdotes and trivia about the history of F1 racing division, the icon of motor sports has honored with enthusiasm and passion by entertaining the members from Reggio, greedy for his pure embodiment of racing history. It was an ideal occasion to pay tribute to him in the company of the statues of the Bronzes of Riace, the icons of the city of the strait and its honorary members.

A fitting tribute also reserved for Corrado Lopresto, originally from Bagnara, a figure of extraordinary depth and among the most quoted and influential collectors in the world with over 150 cars preserved and restored as absolutely unique pieces, proving invaluable.  On Saturday, the group from the Ferrari Club of Reggio paid homage at the tomb of Enzo Ferrari, then onto the Museum of Enzo Ferrari in Modena and to the Galleria Ferrari of Maranello.

On Sunday morning, the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Reggio Calabria, at the Enzo Racetrack and Dino Ferrari in Imola, paid tribute to Gilles Villeneuve and Ayrton Senna in the presence of the statues dedicated to them. In the afternoon making an intermediate stop at the refined pastry shop in Faentina of honorary member of the Club, pastry chef Sebastiano Caridi, recent winner of the “The greatest pastry chef in Italy” on the TV program on Rai2. Afterwards, another visit to the beautiful museum of Coriano “The History of Sic,” dedicated to Marco Simoncelli, in a heartfelt remembrance to the late Romagnolo champion.

The job of father Paolo Simoncelli, officially signed with the president Natale Romeo, is to meet soon to share a moment of aggregation, in which to personally deliver the video tribute to the memory of Sic, prepared by journalist Francesco Romeo. The splendid three days ended with the joint viewing with the GP of Brazil. Future endeavors will see the Scuderia Ferrari Club RC organize an end of year party to celebrate the successes achieved in 2016, which will include a special guest, the Director of Operations for all of the Ferrari Clubs, the young Reggian Dott. Mauro Apicella, the guide for the three days of  intense experiences in Emilia Romagna.


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