Vespa and Ferrari together on the Lungomare of Reggio

yescalabria_vespe_01Seventy years of an absolute icon in cycling, celebrating with hundreds of models of all generations, alongside the most famous sports cars in the world. The event is on Sunday, May 15th and the setting could not be more beautiful and evocative than that of Promenade Falcomatà of Reggio Calabria. Indeed the anniversary deserved a stage this important and the necessary hard work to package it for May 15th: the legendary Vespa Piaggio celebrates seventy years, beautifully travelling through a continuous technical and stylistic evolution that has gradually married trends of the various epochs of our society.  All Vespa Clubs of the neighboring Calabria basin and official national clubs as well, are putting their trust in the City of the Strait, honored to celebrate this extraordinary event which will see hundreds of Vespas pleasantly invade the sidewalks of Reggio, closed to traffic from early morning until 16.30. A framework is set of entertaining events and the presence also of the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Reggio Calabria, with its own representation of the Prancing Horse cars. An event that has all the features defining a special occasion that will satisfy the taste buds of lovers of the two or four wheeled vehicles.  The two industrial and national intellectual icons side by side in a day of celebration, sharing such a proud history.