In Villa San Giovanni, “Sunday of the Heart” with a team from Gemelli

yescalabria_villa_01Even Villa San Giovanni will have its “Domenica del Cuore” (Sunday of the heart),  The initiative, promoted by the commissioners of Social Cohesion and Health, Maria Grazia Richichi and Rocco Cassone, provides free specialist visits by a team of cardiovascular specialists from the University Policlinico Gemelli in Rome. The appointment is Sunday, June 26, Via Zanotti Bianco, at the headquarters of the ASP District 5 of the city on the banks of the Strait where, starting from 8:30 am, the Association “Donate life with the heart Onlus” led by Prof. Massimo Massetti, President of the Association and director of the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Policlinico Gemelli, with the authoritative presence of Prof. Franco Romeo, director of Chair of Cardiology for the University Tor Vergata in Rome which will offer free specialist visits to people with particular cardiovascular diseases in certain conditions of economic hardship.

The team of specialists consists of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, psychiatrists and psychologists.

The visits will be carried out for patients who meet the requirements as identified by the Advisory Body of the Third Sector and other local associations.

“Sunday of the Heart” is a social project that was launched in 2013 in the name of human solidarity: every month the team forms a specialized mobile clinic offering patients who have no possibility of treatment, free medical visits.

The mission of this project is to bring the hospital along with them to provide the possibility to the patient to be treated before being admitted to the hospital.

“It will be an important day for our city and for those suffering. We willingly adhered to this initiative and for that I feel obliged to thank Professor Massetti, his team, and Professor Franco Romeo, our fellow honorary citizen,” said Mayor Antonio Messina.

The initiative, which will be shown to family doctors and citizens during a conference on Saturday June 25th at 6:00 pm in the parish hall of “St. Jerome Emiliani” annex to the Church of the Holy Rosary of Villa San Giovanni, by Professor Massimo Massetti, Professor Franco Romeo, the Mayor of Villa San Giovanni, Antonio Messina and the Councillors Maria Grazia Richichi and Rocco Cassone.

“It is a unique initiative in Calabria – stated the Councillor for Social Policies, Maria Grazia Richichi – for all those who need treatment and can not afford. Both as a commissioner and medical specialist – continued Maria Grazia Richichi – who is in daily contact with the suffering, both individual citizens and entire families, whose daily journey is hampered by significant health and social problems.”

Having the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and professionalism of the specialists of the Polyclinic Gemelli, and in particular, of Professors Massetti and Romeo – concluded commissioner Cassone – and to take advantage of a unique opportunity for our fellow citizens with health problems and in trouble social.