Campus Goel: an incubator of ethical and innovative ideas to create new businesses in Calabria

CAMPUS GOEL is a new initiative by the Cooperative Group GOEL, dedicated to all the innovative ideas that are thought up every day in Calabria. Its key assumption is that once these ideas are put into practice, more room will be made for business and new companies, and talents will stop feeling  compelled to leave the region. A sort of “meritocratic catalyzer” meant to open up a new ethic horizon for these talents, and create opportunities for development in Calabria. Launched in cooperation with Vodafone Italia, this project has national significance in spite of its local application, as it has a double target: not only those who have never left Calabria, but also people from other regions as well as Calabrians who are coming back to their home-region to invest on their own territory.

The first phase is dedicated to the proposal of a new idea through an on-line form that can be found at

The experts of CAMPUS GOEL will subsequently meet the candidate people or groups to hear out the in-depth presentations of their ideas, screening all projects to choose those that are fueled by strong ethical needs and more attuned to GOEL’s philosophy of change; the basic requirements for these ideas is that they should be realistic and innovative, soundly grounded and sustainable from a socio-economic as well as environmental perspective. Once the selection process is through, specialized services will be activated to facilitate the realization of the chosen projects, following a shared plan of development. CAMPUS will not offer direct sponsorship or allocate any funds, but rather its staff will follow the carrying out of all chosen projects by enacting strategies of entrepreneurial support. At the end of the line, some initiatives might keep profiting from the tutoring and mentoring services offered by GOEL and access the group’s network of contacts, as they might be given the opportunity to link up with the Cooperative Group through a previously agreed-upon plan of promotion of some of the group’s owned brands. Joining the CAMPUS initiative means gaining valuable experience, as well as learning the know-how and the set of principles that have inspired GOEL through its on-field activity and the promotion of a by now internationally renowned model of “effective ethics”.

Once the business plan starts yielding profits, 2% of the net income will be set aside and channeled into a fund for the financing and long-term development of the project CAMPUS GOEL. In this way, the initially received support to make one’s initiative get off the ground will be paid back, and the CAMPUS GOEL staff will be enabled to keep on with their work on new business plans. Such is the spirit of cooperation for which GOEL are famous. It is thanks to this philosophy that they have contributed to the realization of a network of enterprises whose distinguishing feature is  that they have always managed to yield economic and cultural profits without detriment to other companies.


Ever since it was established in 2003, the Cooperative Group GOEL have been engaged in the promotion of projects aimed at improving Calabria’s reputation. Through their activity, they have proved that ethics, besides being the right moral choice, can also bring its fruits. During twelve years of service, the entrepreneurial structure of GOEL has been strengthened, and the group have given concrete sign of professionalism by introducing many pioneering ethical initiatives, such as: “The travels of GOEL”, a tour operator for responsible tourism, whose structure is a guarantee not only of high quality, but also of non-involvement in the mafia circuits; “GOEL Bio”, an agricultural social cooperative assembling a group of organic farmers who have teamed against ‘ndragheta and the employment of clandestine work in this sector; “CANGIARI”, the first ethical brand in the Italian fashion industry, committed to the promotion of Calabrian hand-weaving with organic yarns and to the inclusion of the disadvantaged in the production process. GOEL are also well-grounded in: local development, media and communication, social and health services.