Pythagoras rediscovered through art


The Pythagoras Prize becomes a cultural event. The initiative dedicated to one of the most notable personalities from Crotone, which used to be an internationally renowned scientific event, has now gone cultural and is dedicated to art.

The Township of Crotone has recently added the event to the Pisu programme, aimed at celebrating the figure of Pythagoras with works realized by four internationally acclaimed artists, who were asked to convey the basic principles of Pythagoras’ philosophy through contemporary artistic codes. Thus, these creations will be the heart and soul of the prize, officially entering the city’s artistic patrimony.

The commissioned artists are: Simone Fugazzotto (who lives and works between Milan and New York), the painter and sculptor Federico Paris, the painter and photographer Beatrice Zagato and the actor, poet and painter Federico Clapis. Their works will be part of an exhibition titled “Pythagoras docet”, curated by Serena Baccaglini and Monica Burian, which will open at the same time as the Pythagoras Prize event, at 5 pm on October 7. The chosen venue will be, quite appropriately, the Pythagoras Park.

The Township of Crotone has issued the following circular: “The exhibition Pythagoras docet has been set up by the Pythagoras museum to shed some light on the main aspects of the philosopher’s complex doctrine through the contemporary artistic codes as used by four great masters, in an attempt to demonstrate how topical and fascinating his philosophy still is”

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