Crotone: a city that continues to dream of Series A

At the halfway point of the Serie B, Crotone is in second place with seven points ahead of third. Translation: if the team maintains its position also in the second round it will earn a direct promotion to the top of the series! Often, the top two in the first leg have been those who have earned a direct promotion, avoiding the lottery of the playoffs. The city, therefore, continues to dream and fever of Series A is contagious also amongst unexpected fans. The stands of the stadium “Ezio Scida” have returned to full, something that had not happened for years and on the streets it’s all people are talking about.

Crotone_Calcio_-_Caroselli_promozione_in_Serie_BIn the beginning of the tournament, the goal was peaceful salvation, but now that their permanence is no longer questioned, one can look with hope towards hope to a more ambitious goal. Already in early December, with the Milan-Crotone Italian Cup, we had a taste of what it means to play real soccer, now one can dream of entering into that world through the front door. The dream for the moment remains just that, but as you know … dreaming costs nothing.

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