Armonie d’Arte Festival: a parade of internationally acclaimed artists at the Scolacium Park

From July to September, the archaeological site of Roccelletta di Borgia will host the 15th edition of the festival

Parco Archeologico Scolacium - Roccelletta di Borgia


On July 19, in the enchanting scenery of the Archaeological Park Scolacium in Roccelletta di Borgia, in the province of Catanzaro, opened the 15th edition of Armonie d’Arte Festival. An exclusive event, which will go on until the end of September, starring great protagonists of the international artistic scene who will perform on the natural stage offered by the Solacium.

Characterized by “the mix of different artistic styles and genres kept together by the musical linguistic code”, and by “a complex idea of Culture as the sum of harmony and beauty”, the Festival is a one-time occasion for the promotion of the most outstanding archaeological site in the South of Italy.

The performances of renowned international artists and budding ones are going to follow one another in the remarkable beauty of this location, a vast olive grove which once a colony of Magna Grecia, then of the Roman Empire and finally a Norman settlement.

Among the sections offered by the 2015 edition of Armonie d’Arte (which has its given its name to the foundation in charge of managing the event created and directed by Chiara Giordano for this year’s edition): Big Events, New Contemporary Creativity and Special Projects.

The journeys of Erodoto” is the underlying theme of this year’s rich programme, focusing on the necessity (and the desire) to give voice to different manifestations of humanity. As the organizers say: “It is all about turning our eyes to the set of values expressed by many different people and places, animated (just like the Greek historian) by a gusto for travelling and storytelling; what we are really after is a revelation of the Mediterranean character through an authentic narrative momentum, rather than an exact geographic representation”.

It is a rather emblematic theme for a project aimed at promoting figurative and performing arts: an endeavor that will be undertaken in a rather unique location, the Park of Solacium, “whose centuries-long history makes it eligible as a setting for initiatives that feature creativity, experimentalism and expressive research”.

Following the remarkable performances of the American singer Bobby Mc Ferrin (on July 19) and the Spanish tenor Josè Carreras (on July 25) – both in the Great events section – there will be a New Contemporary Creativity initiative, featuring budding artists and renowned Italian theatre performers together on stage for the premieres of three specially commissioned productions: “La terra degli ulivi parlanti”- “The land of speaking olives” – on July 31, a work about memory from an idea of Chiara Giordano, directed by Sebastiano Romanp and Edoardo Siravo  and starring Mariangela D’abbraccio and the young company Artedanza; “Le supplici” – “The supplicants” – on August 5, a work in which the ancient Greek tradition is updated to the contemporary age, written and directed by Rosario Amato and Filippo Stabile and starring Edoardo Siravo; “Insignifidanza” – “Insignifidance” – on August 8 – a one-act performance created by Maria Luigia Gioffrè whose two main ingredients are words and dance, directed by Edordo Siravo and Rosario Amato and featuring Vanessa Gravina, Giovanni Carta and Filippo Stabile’s choreographies. “A very original work – says the artistic director Chiara Giordano – that is complex, light-hearted and playful at the same time and in which the original superiority of movement over the spoken word is restored”.

Carla Fracci

Furthermore, under the Special Projects label, Il Balletto del Sud, one of the most important Italian dance companies, will perform in Sheherazade on August 17, choreographed by Freddy Franzutti and featuring Carla Fracci as a special guest; while on August 27, “Più dura che pietra” – “Harder than stones” -, the fruit of a collaboration with the Ravenna Festival, will be staged in Roccelletta di Borgia: a fascinating show in which the reading of Dante’s poems will be accompanied by musical virtuosities, featuring the Italian actor David Riondino and the refined classical music ensemble La Reverdie.

In collaboration with Fai, Slow Food, Asmef and Unicef, the programme of Armonie d’Arte Festival will also include seven Special event days dedicated to the Calabrian territory, its landscapes and identity, its cultural and artistic patrimony, offering workshops, conferences, artistic performances and food tastings that will take place at the International Park of Sculpture – Biodiversity Park of Catanzaro.

Musica d’autore, a series of collateral music events promoted by Ruggero Pegna and Maurizio Senese, also needs to be mentioned: its concerts will include Sergio Cammariere on August 10, Nina Zilli on August 24 and Francesco Renga on August 24.