Photographs, paintings and sculptures for the promotion of Calabrian beauty

I fotografi premiati

The project to promote Calabria through art has become reality thanks to an exhibition dedicated to this region and organized by the local tourist office of Palmi. Besides the painting and sculpture sections, the first regional photographic contest, sponsored by the Unione Italiana Fotoamatori,  was created for the occasion, having Calabria as its one and only theme. A remarkable attendance was registered at the event, which featured a jury chaired by Antonio Mancuso and the UIF as its artistic director. The other members of the jury were: the president of the tourist office Rocco Deodato, the photographer Vincenzo Barone, the artist Laura Rogliano, the amateur photographer Francesco Celi and the jury secretary Saverio Caminiti.

Considering the participation of more than sixty photography enthusiasts, the jury had a few difficulties in choosing the three winners of the contest. In the end, the first, second and third place were assigned respectively to Michele Russo, Luigi Curti and Mirko De Maio. The heart and soul of the Palmi exhibition, which closed on August 16 and took place at a venue that used to be the house of the poet Ermelinda Oliva (located in Piazza Primo Maggio, in the town centre), were the paintings of very gifted local artists. Among the works on display: the paintings of Peppe Fonti, Ambra Miglioranzi, Nuccio Gambacorta Morizzi, Giuseppe Infantino, Rosalba Monterosso, Pippo Barone, Enzo Cicala, Angela Attisano. Some sculptures by  Domenico Papalia, Pasquale Foti, Giampiero Collura and Vincenzo Romeo IMG_2700were also there to be admired. One of the photographers, Luigi Curti from Luzzi (a town in the province of Cosenza) took advantage of this opportunity to deliver the presentation of a project he is presently carrying out. Curti can boast a year-long experience as a press photographer and is now working on a project aimed at the promotion of Calabrian historic centres by means of photography. Only in 2014, more than fifty villages were visited, studied and photographed by his team. IMG_2703His exhibition, which includes thirty pictures by well-known photographers, is held at the castle of Le Castella, a district of Isola di Capo Rizzuto (in the province of Crotone) and can be visited from August 1 to August 23.
Undoubtedly, these initiatives are expressions of an ongoing policy of promotion of Calabria through many different artistic media. Their significance is therefore double, since they are useful to let the beauty of our region show as well as to reveal the remarkable skills of organizers and artists.