“Possible places”: a workshop dedicated to urban renewal in Rosarno

“Possible places” is the theme to which the workshop on architectural design put on by the Associazione A of Rosarno and the cultural association Viaindustriae is dedicated. The event is part of the programme of a project called KIWI – Deliziosa guida – Rosarno Ulteriore.


The five-day workshop, which will be held in Rosarno from October 23 to 27, will revolve around the “prefiguration of possible places” in the administrative area of this little town of the Plain of Gioia Tauro. It has been conceived as an opportunity for interdisciplinary meetings whose participants will be students, young professionals, artists, architects and sociologists who will dialogue with the inhabitants of Rosarno in an attempt to come up with ideas and projects to be included in “Kiwi”. The latter is a guide-book of the town, as yet unpublished, which will be presented at the Umbrialibri Festival of Perugia, from November 13 to 15.

The lessons and activities will involve reflection on issues of urban and territorial renewal in different domains: sociology, art, architecture and landscape studies. The seminar – organized in collaboration with the Township of Rosarno, the Media library “F. Foberti” and Re-Cycle Italy Reggio Calabria – will be open to a maximum of 15 participants and held by experts such as the sociologist Carlo Colloca, the writer and landscape scholar Franco Arminio, and the professor of landscape planning Vincenzo Gioffrè.

All participants will have the opportunity to meet the inhabitants and associations of the territory to think up possible strategies of development focused on the needs of the local population. Particular attention will be dedicated to those works for which a concrete commitment of the Public Administration and of the associations involved in the workshop is required, with the goal in mind to effectively carry out the projects on which participants will focus.


The works produced during the workshop – which will be coordinated by the architects Antonia Di Lauro, Elisabetta Nucera and Ettore Guerriero – (such as installations, graphic and conceptual designs) will be published on the pages of “KIWI. – Deliziosa Guida – Rosarno Ulteriore”, whose preparation will keep participants busy even after the workshop closes, until the end of itsdrawing phase in November 2015.

For information and to sign up: https://adicitta.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/luoghi-possibili-il-workshop-di-kiwi/