Two Italian Excellence Awards assigned to the Caffo Group and the Roman Villa of Casignana

Calabria has recently been a great protagonist in a Washington event. 

Two Italian Excellence Awards were conferred to the Caffo Group owned by Limbadi and to the Roman Villa of Casignana. Therefore, Calabria was once again a great protagonist of the international scene.

On Saturday, October 17th at the prestigious Cafe Milano in Washington, a jury chaired by Santo Versace awarded a “different Italy, whose main features are merit and skillfulness”. Many international authorities attended.

This important recognition – which was created by Massimo Lucidi, a economic journalist and international marketing expert and is now under the aegis of Asmef – has the main objective award successful private initiatives, bold and creative people, productive momentums and innovative products. Naturally, people come first, but companies and styles are also part of the whole, as they provide a significant contribution to cultural and social change by promoting the Made in Italy brand – a brand that is made of culture, beauty, elegance, passion and innovation.

The award for the Industry section was assigned to the Caffo Group. This company from the province of Vibo Valentia, owned by Limbadi and celebrating 100 years of activity this year, is the producer of Amaro del Capo, the most loved and requested Italian liquor, and of many other excellent distilled liquors combining innovation and tradition, which makes their world-wide distributed products quite unique. A company whose sources of industrial success are solid communication skills and marketing expertise, as well as a wide assortment of typical products;  a business force in constant growth as well as an example of best practice on the territory.

The 2015 Culture award was jointly assigned to the Roman Villa of Casignana  (an archaeological site of incredible prestige, dating back to the 1st century b.C., located in contrada Palazzi of Bianco, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and  renown for the remarkable beauty of its mosaics) and to the project of promotion of the Greco di Bianco, a PDO-certified white wine with a very long tradition and incomparable flavour, whose production is made possible by the endeavours of the Crinò family and many voluntary workers.