The 2015 edition of the “Diamante Peperoncino Festival” to be held in September

Il festival del peperoncino

The next appointment with the Festival of Red Pepper in Diamante is scheduled from September 9 to September 13, 2015. Five days which promise to be swarming with people, considering that more than 100.000 tourists from both Italy and Europe are expected to attend. On September 9, the opening day, Gianni Pellegrino is going to play host as usual and blow out the candles on the twenty-third anniversary cake. Over the five days dedicated to His Royal Majesty the Red Pepper, the festival will be once again a clever mix of gastronomy and culture. Food will be the festival’s strong suit of course, but it will be accompanied by round-table conferences, exhibitions, movie projections, satirical shows, comic performances, busking and juggling, music and tradition. The whole of it will take place in the streets, where no tickets will have to be paid. The concept of “spiciness” will function as the guiding principle of this festival in the attempt to draw inspiration from the multiple nuances of the word spicy, which metaphorically designates all that is transgressive, erotic, entertaining and out of the ordinary. To sum up, let’s all rush into the streets and become the  protagonists of these five days of mirth.

No-one will be excluded from the playfulness of this festival. Everyone will be enraptured by the presence of His Majesty the Red Pepper, who will show his best side to his most faithful subjects in the streets and squares of the town. This atmosphere is in perfect keeping with His Majesty’s philosophy who, upon arriving from the Americas a long time ago, immediately hit it off with the weaker classes, earning himself the appellatives of “democratic” and “popular”. The festival provides a delightful typical day to September tourists: not too crowded beaches and the mildest climate of the year in the morning; or, as an alternative, plenty of excursions to the Riviera, until the night comes and it is time to enjoy the music, cabaret acts, “aphrodisiac menus”, exhibitions, movies and conferences that take place on the seaside promenade, in the historic centre and in the Teatro dei Ruderi (Theatre of the Ruins).