From September 11 to 13, Cittanova will host the Piana Eco Festival

Piana Eco Festival begins at 11 am on Sept. 11. Its chosen venue is the Town Park “C. Ruggiero” in Cittanova.

Three intense days dedicated to green issues, featuring official meetings, debates, workshops and an exhibition/street market of local environmentally friendly products, plus a very interesting artistic programme.

With this initiative, the project promoted by the cultural association Ecopiana, which started with Maurizio Pallante’s July lecture on “happy degrowth”, will officially kick off. Created by the vice-president of Ecopiana Girolamo Guerrisi and under the artistic direction of Nino Cannatà, the festival will revolve around the themes of recycling of materials and minimization of environmental and energy waste.

University professors, entrepreneurs and officials from associations and institutions will all discuss the featured topics: Ecology, Waste hierarchy and recycling, Energy conservation, Sustainable architecture, Nourishment, Local craftsmanship, Biodiversity and Ethical consumerism.

There will be five main events, titled: “Sustainable use of environmental resources. Arundo donax”, “Green living. Ecologic perspectives and sustainable development”, “Responsible consumerism as a vital territorial resource”, “The environment as human heritage and economic resource”, “Reuse/reduce/recycle – Waste hierarchy and sorting”

Much discussion will be dedicated to Arundo donax, the so-called common reed. Many debates, lectures and collateral events will be devoted to this important natural resource.

There will also be initiatives for both children and adults focused on waste sorting, creative recycling and natural cosmetics, al promoted by Legambiente Reggio Calabria, Auser Territoriale Gioia Tauro and Rosarno-based association NuovaMente. One of the offered events, titled Cooking Show BIO and hosted by chef Enzo Cannatà, will be centered on the food and wine culture.

The artistic programme also includes theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions. Two original productions directed by Nino Cannatà will be staged. Among them: Io, Francesco di Paola, from Salvatore Romano’s work, in which Walter Cordopatri will tell the Patron Saint’s story. The Town Park has been chosen as the perfect natural stage for this story revolving around the relationship between man and nature.

The festival will end on Sept. 13, with the premiere of Arundo donax – Reed players” which will be held at the R.Gentile Theatre in Cittanova.