in Taverna: a forum dedicated to the supply chain of Hemp

yescalabria_canapa_puntoverde_01A day dedicated to the benefits of hemp. Saturday, February 27th at the Municipality of Taverna will be inaugurated the new headquarters of Green Point, short supply chain hemp.

To revive the driving role of agriculture in sustainable land development through the cultivation of hemp in Calabria, is expected in the morning a demonstration planting of this precious cereal, followed, to 17.00, “Sustainable Agriculture, growing acceptance.”

The speakers included the President of Supply Chain, Antonio Chiaramonte, who will explain the many uses of hemp: from food to green building, from paper to plastic, from textiles to fuel, from agriculture to medicine. Without ever neglecting the economic aspect. It was estimated in fact that for every hectare of hemp, a yield which can reach up to 2000 euro.

The importance of this culture is evidenced by the decision by the Directorate of Social Policy in Taverna, Rosario Amelio, to allocate free of charge some municipal areas be approved for the cultivation of hemp as well as to educational and social gardens.

The association aims to expand sustainable agriculture project carried out in the town of Taverna, involving 120 companies active in the provinces of Calabria, for a total of about 250 hectares of land.

An initiative that the Green Point Association, Short Chain Hemp, will undertake in partnership with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Reggio Calabria.

A demonstration of the productive and economic developments related to the cultivation of hemp also the creation of Futura beer, by the artisanal beer brewery Blandino, made of seeds and inflorescence of cannabis. The beer was presented days ago in Cosenza, in the headquarters of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS).  The initiative, well attended, was also attended by the president of the sommelier Giuseppe Grosso Ciponte who stressed the pleasing amaricatura by this particular and innovative ingredient.