Beg Armudi: a sculpture symposium dedicated to the bergamot orange

Beg Armudi, the Turkish name of the bergamot orange (it literally means “God’s pear”) was the source of inspiration for the title of the Symposium of international sculpture that will be held in Reggio Calabria from October 17 to 17. Many Italian and foreign artists, together with some students from Reggio’s Academy of Fine Arts, will congregate at Pineta Zerbi, a pine park in the city-centre, to give live proof of their creative momentum by making marble sculptures inspired by this precious product from Reggio.

Maria Rucker, Luca Marovino, Pietro De Scisciolo, Maurizio Carnevali will be the protagonists of a remarkable artistic – as well as educational – event, which will be open to the public for free. The artists’ creations will then be left to the city, in an attempt to strengthen the bond between Reggio and its most “prestigious” fruit.


This event is part of the programme of Storie di Bergamotto – Bergamot Stories, which has been organized by the Township of Reggio Calabria and the local Councilor in charge of Cultural Events Patrizia Nardi, in the context of “Expo e Territori Calabria”, an initiative of promotion of the regional heritage and resources launched on the occasion of Expo Milano.

Furthermore on October 27, the audio-visual exhibition “Bey armudu, the green gold of Reggio Calabria” will be inaugurated at the Aragonese Castle of Reggio Calabria, on the occasion of the venue reopening to the public. It is a fascinating itinerary through the history of this fruit, which grows exclusively in the coastal area around Reggio and whose fortune was determined by its organoleptic properties that made it into a useful resource for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries (particularly in the field of perfumes production).  The exhibition will then be exported to other parts of Europe and to the United States, with a view to spreading the knowledge of bergamot around the world. On October 26 and 27, the Faculty of Agrarian Studies of Università Mediterranea will host a convention on this topic, while a series of other meetings, promotedby the Civic Public Library, will be held at the Castle.

This event is a joint initiative of Regione Calabria, the Archival Offices of Calabria and Campania, the State Archive of Reggio Calabria, the Civic Public Library, Università Mediterranea, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Artistic Institute “Preti-Frangipane” of Reggio Calabria. A few private partners were also involved, as well as the Consortium of Bergamot Producers, the Academy of the Bergamot Orange, Slow Food andthe association Piccola Accademia del Tempo Libero.