All of the summer events in SCILLA 2016

SCILLA estate2016The summer events began last night on the beach of the Marina Grande, in Scilla. The proposed program by the municipality of Scilla began with the observation of the stars: telescope and astronomical pointers provided by the Navy League of Scilla, with the participation of Pythagoras Planetarium of Reggio Calabria.

Another rich August fully available to the citizens of Scilla, tourists and those who wish to spend a few hours in the pearl of the Tyrrhenian.

While awaiting the Festival of San Rocco, Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st, which will conclude, as always, with the fireworks display over the Marina Grande, the events kicking off the celebration are for all tastes: music (Piazza San Rocco: on the 15th musical group Vacci Lisci, on the 17th with the folk group Le Sirene, the 18th with the popular folk music of the Suoni del Sud); theater (the Amphitheatre: the 16th with the comedy “Briganti se more,” the 18th with theater and music of Josephine Melidona, and the 19th with “Come un granello di sabbia – Mana Chuma”), and especially, the cinema.

At the turn of the San Rocco awaited exhibition “Scilla è cinema d’autore” with Mimmo Calopresti, one of the greatest Italian directors, who will be in Scilla August 19th to the 23rd. It begins in Piazza San Rocco, on Friday the 19th, with the debate “il futuro del cinema in Calabria parte da Scilla,” the director Calopresti, the president of the Calabrian Film Commission, Giuseppe Citrigno, solicited by journalists Paola Bottero and Alessandro Russo who will speak with Mayor Pasquale Ciccone and the Councillor for culture Marinella Gattuso to illustrate a possible path of revival of Calabria through the big screen, starting with the magic and splendor of Scilla. Following that is the screening of the film Calopresti “Uno per Tutti,” with Giorgio Panariello and Isabella Ferrari. After a brief pause for the festivities of San Rocco, the show continues at the Port, another perfect setting for a meeting with the director and the subsequent movie viewings. Monday the 22nd, will be the  “L’abbuffata” with Gerard Depardieu, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Diego Abatantuono; Tuesday the 23rd with  “Preferisco il rumore del mare,” with Silvio Orlando.locandina mimmo calopresti

Leisure, entertainment and culture, in perfect harmony that will culminate with the Notte Bianco on Saturday, the 27th (full program to be announced in the coming days). Also a dialogue with citizens: the customary “Citizens ask, Mayor Pasqualino Ciccone responds” is scheduled for Wednesday the 17th, as always in Piazza San Rocco.

There are many places to experience the magic of Scilla, such as the town square of Spirito Santo, where on the 23rd and 24th with the reading “Nello Scill’e Cariddi;” on the 30th  Manuela Cricelli in concert (“Rosa tra la gente”); September 2nd, Claudio Mutino the Storyteller. At the Castle, in addition to being one of the hubs for the Notte Bianca, will host on the 29th, a theatrical reading of poets and writers from Calabria.

Scilla with its celebrations, cultures, musical and theatrical events to share, even in this August 2016, the magic of this unique place, always more precious even beyond the borders of this country.